Pharma & CRO Spatial Summit: バイオマーカー探索の次の時代を強化-日本版

Summit, Webinar


Janssen社のJoshua Rusbuldtは、GeoMxを薬物探索のための空間生物学プラットフォームとして非常に利用していただいています。Presage Biosciences社CEOのRich Klinghoffer博士は、GeoMx DSPとCosMx SMIを使用して、第0相臨床試験における治験薬の腫瘍微環境への影響を特徴づけた方法についてご説明されます。 ナノストリングの計算生物学部門のAssociate DirectorのJason Reevesより、空間的に解像された遺伝子およびタンパク質発現データの解析について考察いたします。またイルミナ社より、GeoMxのリードアウトに必要なNextSeq™ 2000システムのシーケンス能力の概要についてご説明いただきます。


20minnPowering the next Era of Biomarker Discovery with GeoMx® DSP and CosMx™ SMI谷家 貴之 PhD, ナノストリング・テクノロジーズ
25minIntegration of Spatial Biology Platforms with Drug DiscoverySpatial ‘omics platforms, led by the technologies developed by NanoString, offer high plex and high resolution profiling of precious specimens.Joshua J. Rusbuldt, MASenior Scientist, Immunology Translational Sciences – Gastroenterology, Janssen Pharmaceuticals
14minKey Considerations for Successful Spatial Biology StudiesSpatial biology approaches can reveal novel insights to empower drug discovery and development programs however ensuring successful study outcomes is by no means trivial. Sirona Dx has pioneered spatial biology services to biopharma since 2018 and in this short presentation we will introduce our leading edge capabilities and highlight elements of study design that are critical to success.Andrew Brown, PhDChief Commercial Officer, Sirona Dx
24minRevolutionizing translational oncology: Detailed understanding of drug effects in patient tumors through “functional spatial profilingTumor response to drug exposure is highly influenced by the composition and activity state of the tumor microenvironment (TME). To bridge the gap between the evaluation of new investigational agents in laboratory models and clinical studies.Rich Klinghoffer, PhD CEO Presage Biosciences
25minStrategies for Success: Harnessing GeoMx and CosMx Data for Pharma and CRO ApplicationsJoin us as we explore the power of GeoMx DSP and CosMx SMI data analysis for biomarker discovery and drug development pipelines. This talk equips you with practical strategies to maximize the utility of GeoMx DSP and CosMx SMI data, enhancing decision-making, and accelerating breakthroughs in the dynamic field of biopharma and biomedical research.Jason Reeves, PhDAssociate Director, Bioinformatics, NanoString
15minStreamline spatial sequencing with NextSeqTM 1000/2000 and GeoMx山重りえ, イルミナ株式会社セグメントマーケティング部


谷家 貴之, PhD

リージョナルアカウントマネージャー, ナノストリング・テクノロジーズ

Joshua Rusbuldt, PhD

Senior Scientist, Immunology Translational Sciences – Gastroenterology, Janssen

Circular image of Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown, PhD

Chief Commercial Officer, Sirona Dx

Richard Klinghoffer, PhD

Chief Executive Officer, Presage Biosciences

Jason Reeves, PhD

Associate Director of Computational Biology, NanoString

山重 りえ

Staff Regional Segment Marketing Manager, イルミナ株式会社セグメントマーケティング部